Get your irrigation water “out of thin air”

AIR-igator™ gives you the most important part of the irrigation system, WATER. The hotter the weather gets, the faster the water is collected. AIR-igator™ gives you mineral free water, meaning less debris and plugging in the tubing and emitters.

AIR-igator ™ Operation

The basic AIR-igator™ is a complete collection and supply system. It consists of a 24” diameter reservoir with a latching cover, submersible pump, and a float control. The AIR-igator™ collects the condensate water from air conditioners and stores it, until is an adequate amount to run the low volume irrigation system. The float inside the reservoir will then start the pump, running until the tank is empty. The AIR-igator™ is roto-cast polyethylene and can be located near the air conditioner drain, or anywhere the drain water can be collected. The reservoir is usually buried to within 2” of the top and can be covered by mulch or hidden by plants. As the reservoir is made from opaque UV inhibited material, it can also be installed above ground if so desired.

The float inside the reservoir will either start the pump, running until the tank is empty; or signal a timer, allowing the system to run at a specified time. The 120V, 1200GPH pump and float are plugged into the nearest 120V outlet (within 15’) and the AIR-igator™ will run unattended.

Micro irrigation is the recommended system for the most efficient use of water, and is the easiest for the homeowner to maintain. The drip system uses “emitters” to place water directly at the base of the plant or tree, thereby providing the water where it is needed the most, with a minimal loss.

The basic AIR-igator™ comes in a 65 gallon size, and several can be connected, depending upon the area to irrigate and the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. We recommend that emitters of 1 gal/hr be used and the system should be limited to 1 emitter per gallon of available water. The systems should be designed to operate for at least one hour; each time the reservoir is filled. This provides each plant, tree, or drip point, 1 gallon of water per application.
Several manufacturers make the emitters and drip tubing, so the distribution of the water can be designed to meet the needs of each installation.