Water Out of Thin Air

With the hot summer bearing down upon us, and the severe water shortages in various parts of the country, this product has come along just in time. Although the rain barrel can be useful, it cannot work unless it rains. If it rains, the rain barrel is not needed. Rain barrels are for collecting a small amount of water, and even that must be filtered or otherwise treated.

The AIR-igator™ is the newest water-conserving device for the homeowner. Not only does it collect water; it provides storage for large amounts of water, and makes it available for irrigation. The AIR-igator™ was designed in co-operation with irrigation contractors and pump experts; along with air conditioner contractors, to meet the demands of landscape plantings, within the parameters of the newest air conditioning products.

The AIR-igator™ can be sized to meet almost any landscape irrigation plan and doesn't use require filtration or timers and valves. The AIR-igator™ System solves several problems:

  1. Provides large amounts of cost free water
  2. Waters flowers, plants and trees, not using a drop of our drinking water.
  3. Irrigates landscape plants with chemical and mineral free water.
  4. Eliminates the “swampy” areas around the air conditioner drain.
  5. Provide "pure" water for Hydroponic gardening, or water gardens.

The AIR-igator™ collects the condensate water from air conditioners, and stores it until there is an adequate amount to run the low volume irrigation system The float inside the reservoir will either start the pump, running until the tank is empty; or signal a timer, allowing the system to run at a specified time.

Micro irrigation is the recommended system for the most efficient use of water, and is the easiest for the homeowner to maintain. The drip system uses “emitters” to place water directly at the base of the plant or tree, thereby providing the water where it is needed the most. Several manufacturers make the emitters and drip tubing, so the distribution of the water can be designed to meet the needs of each application.